SF Real Estate Part 2 – Hobart Building

I remember walking Market Street for the first time and thinking “wow that building is striking.” Its appearance especially jumps out at you given the asymmetric design and the Fidelity building that sits modestly next to it.

Completed in 1914 by Willis Polk (his work is everywhere in SF!), the Hobart Building is an office space located near Montgomery and Market and could easily be considered one of the city’s most well-known buildings. The exterior features sculpted terra cotta and baroque accents while the interior flaunts Italian marble and hand-crafted brass. It’s truly a classical, architectural work of art. At the time of its completion, 21 floors made it the second tallest building in SF. Compare that to the soon to be second tallest which is the Transamerica Building at 48 floors. The Salesforce Tower is under construction and will truly “tower” over everything at 61 floors making it the tallest in the Western US. Don’t worry, we’ll cover those two in another post.

The Hobart Building is a reminder of why it’s a pleasant practice to look up (literally) as you walk through cities like NY or SF. There’s a lot of beautiful historic structures all around you. You simply need to put your phone away and take a moment to look around. #myprofoundadvicefortheday


This is the second post of a series where I write about real estate or architecture within San Francisco. You can find Part 1 here.

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