Squaw Squad

The first time I skied was in Utah at the tender age of 6. The only thing I remember is the ski instructor chaining, yes chaining, the tips of my skis together because I couldn’t properly pizza. For those of you who don’t ski, pizza is ski terminology for “making the shape of a pizza by putting the tips of your skis together” in order to slow down.  Needless to say, being the only kid on the mountain with his ski tips chained together was traumatic and embarrassing. I never skied again because of this…

I’m joking. That’s not why. I always played ball sports growing up: basketball, baseball, soccer(ball), volleyball etc. Come winter, my coaches would never allow me to go snowboarding or skiing because they didn’t want me to come back on crutches or with a cast. Fast forward to winter 2016 when I went snowboarding at Lake Tahoe for the first time and I was hooked.

I chose snowboarding because it made sense given that I surf and skateboard. Not to mention I’m still avoiding skiing out of fear that I still can’t pizza.

This year (winter 2016-2017) I bought a season pass to Squaw Valley. As of January 24, 2017, I’ve snowboarded a cumulative 8 times since I started last year and am carving most blue slopes (intermediate) fairly comfortably. The cover photo for this post was taken early January 2017 next to the Smart Car I rented using the Turo app because it was the only car that allowed me to drive all the way to Tahoe without additional charges. I won’t be doing that again ha!

The video below summarizes my adventure over MLK weekend for my friend Nadja’s birthday. Highlights not covered in the video include the following:

  • Not being able to drive up the icy hill to our cabin because we didn’t have chains
  • Buying chains and struggling to put them on
  • Not being able to drive up the icy hill to our cabin because one of our chains broke off
  • Passersby yell “Genius!” as we attempted to put the broken chain back on
  • Being towed by a friendly “bro” driving an FJ-Cruiser
  • Enduring several hours of showtunes/musicals while being stuck in  traffic with my friends Flo, Kathleen and Aaron (my roommate who also happened to supply the showtunes/musicals)

MLK Weekend in Squaw 2017 from Andrew Kaban on Vimeo.

GoPro media from the Smart Car trip can be found here and media from the MLK trip can be found here.

Just to warn you, there’s probably more crappy/amateur snowboarding videos coming your way. I bought myself a GoPro (#nickwoodman #ucsdrepresent) for Christmas and its getting a lot of use.

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